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Here are the frequentely asked questions we bump every now and then.
Feel free to send us your own at Contact -page.
Our team is happy to answer!

Please notice all babies and children are individuals, so please consult your own midwife,
maternity clinic and doctor for unique advises to match your current situation.
Our advises are general and all skincare and treating of your baby is always the responsibility of the parents.


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Q: How do natural skincare products differ from conventional skincare?

A: The major difference comes from the ingredients used in the products. Many conventional skincare products contain questionable artficially made synthetic ingredients, the long-term effects of which are not fully known. As the baby´s skin is three to five times thinner than an adult´s skin, and the skin structure is different, children are more vulnerable to potential problems caused by these harmful substances. In natural skincare, the products are mainly made of natural ingredients. The ingredients in Sophie la girafe Baby products are at least made of 99,4 % natural ingredients.

Q: What is the difference between certified natural and cerfified organic products?

A: If a product is labeled organic (by a certification), a certain percentage of the ingredients used in the product are produced by organic farming. Both include substances of natural origin.

Q: How can I be sure the skincare I use is of natural origin, and it´s safe to use?

A: The fastest way is to check if the product has a certification. Certification based on strict criteria provides the clearest means by which to identify safe and natural and organic cosmetics. Products bearing the Ecocert logo are subject not only to strict ingredient criteria concerning product composition and raw materials, but also to certified ethical and eco-friendly production processes, to mention some.

Q: How are the ingredients in Sophie la girafe Baby products chosen?

A: The starting point of our product development process are the needs of newborn and small children. We have gathered traditions and know-how from around the world to provide the best in therapeutic agents for your baby´s skincare products. We have chosen only high-quality, gentle ingredients such as Organic White Tea, Organic Lavender Water and Organic Jojoba Oil, that strengthen, nourish and soothe a baby´s delicate and often sensitive skin.

Q: Do you use preservatives in Sophie la girafe Baby products?

A: We do not use any harmful synthetic preservatives, only ingredients that pass the strict Ecocert standard criteria. To make sure the products retain their effectiveness with natures own pure preservatives like blueberry which is a powerful natural antioxidant. With our tubes and bottles the formulas don´t have too direct contact to air, which helps to maintain the formulas fresh untill the best before date printed in the tubes and bottles.

Q: Can skincare products cause irritation or allergies for children?

A: Like adults, some babies are more sensitive than others. Cleansers, new kind of foods, clothing materials, colorings in hat, nearly anything may irrite. Also the skin. Skin contact allergies are divided to two different ones: irritations and allergies. Irritation may occur to anyone, in a form of f.ex. skin being itchy, unpleasant or red. And these sensations may vanish fast or take time to heal. Allergens on the other hand are certain ingredients that cause allergic reaction always to one that has the allergy. It´s a matter of immune system reacting with certain ingredients.
If your baby gets often symptoms (rashes etc.) from same produts, she may be allergic to certain ingredient included.  These usually are synthetic fragrances, colorings, formaldehyde-based ingredients, preservatives etc.
Also some natural substances are listed as allergens.
Sophie la girafe Cosmetics does not use any of these commonly known natural allergens in our products.

Q: My baby has an extremely sensivite skin. Are Sophie la girafe Baby -products suitable for her?

A: We are all unique. Therefor with skincare it´s never possible to be 100% guarantee and promise that product is suitable, sorry to say. But we have great feedback from babies with sensitive skin, and with all aged babies, kids and parents with atopia and eczema.

Due to consumer feedback - and dermatological testing we are proud to say the products are extremely well tolerated.

If you feel unsecure, please try the product on the baby´s forearm - and if no signs of irritations (redness) accures locally in 48 hours, you may safely use the product. We are more than happy to hear how did you do with Sophie la girafe Baby -products! Please share your experience with other parents in the same situation at Testimonials.
Please also notice that as f.ex. babies teething, new foods, breast milk and baby-formulas may also irritate the child which may occur in several symptoms including skin symptoms such as redness of the skin, itching etc.
The forearm patch test helps you reveal the cause if the irritation is local.

Q: How are Sophie la girafe Baby products tested for safety?

A: We are very strict about the quality of our products.
All our products pass EU-standards for baby skincare.
Products are dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin babies, too.

Q: My baby has redness in the nappy area. What should I do?

A: A baby´s delicate skin get easily irritated. Nappies, clothes and even the various harmful chemicals contained in a large number of child care products can cause skin redness, burning and rashes. Irritation may also become more pronounced under humid and warm conditions. Ensure that your child´s skin, including the nappy area, is gently cleaned and dried thoroughly. You can apply and pat a small amount of Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream on the child´s clean and dry skin several times a day.
When the redness disappears, you may also use Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion to maintain good condition of the skin. Remember to use mild and gentle cleanser also for bathing.

Q: What products should I use during and after I bathe my child?

A: Children just love spending time in foamy baths. It´s important to maintain and to protect the natural protective hydrolipidicfilm with genle cleansers that do not wash away the natural skin protection. Sophie la girafe Baby Bubble Bath has a long-lasting, rich foam which is rare in natural skincare products without harmful substances. You are also able to use Sophie la girafe Baby Hair and Body Wash to clean your baby´s body and hair. Both products are mild and gentle, yet very nourishing. The Hair and Body Wash can be used as a shower gel for adults, too.
When bathing, remember to always use lukewarm water, about 37 C / 98,6 F. After the bath lock in and add moisture with Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion it really moisturizes and nourish your baby´s skin well. A quick way to apply the lotion onto an active toddler´s skin is to apply a small amount of lotion onto your palms and rub them together so that the lotion is evenly distributed, and then place your palms on the child´s skin. There he goes! All moisturized!

Q: Are the products suitable for vegans?

A: All Sophie la girafe Baby products are suitable for vegans.
We don´t even use so called cruelty-free ingredients like beeswax or lanolin.
Feel free to check here.

Q: Why is a child`s skin dryer in the winter than in the summer?
How should I treat dry skin of a two year old?

A: In the winter time the outdoor air is cold and less humid than in summer, and also the inhouse air is drier due to heating, which affects the moisture balance of the skin. Moisture tends to evaporate faster! Therefor during winter people usually need some extra moisturizing and nourishing protection on their skin.
You can use Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion to prevent dryness on your child´s skin. If the skin appears especially dry and flaky, you may give it a special treatment by first applying Sophie la girafe Baby Oil, and then applying a thin layer of Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion.
This we would call a Baby Pamper VIP -treatment a´la Sophie Home Spa!
For extremely dry, red and itchy spots we recommend Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream.
It´s magical with Tea Tree, Lavender, Thyme - and many more natural remedies. Besides it´s a great soothing and protective outdoor and diaper cream. A true million in one -product.

Q: I just love the mild scent in Sophie la girafe Baby products, but I have heard that scents are not suitable for small children. Is that true?

A: The mild and soft scent in our products is all natural. Scent allergens, synthetic and natural, are not suitable for small children with allergy. We don´t use any scent allergens, synthetic fragrances, strong essential oils or perfumes and our products are extremely well tolerated. It is often the synthetic fragrances or scent allergens used in conventional and / or natural cosmetics that may cause reactions for small and sensitive children.
On the other hand some products marketed being perfume & aroma -free may include other allergens and harmul substances. Putting a nose to products do not tell if the product is well tolerated and suitable for child  with allergy. It´s the INCI-list you have to see and check the ingredients. If the ingredient that one has allergy excists, she / he is not able to use that certain product.
To smell or not to smell?
Did you know that some “non-scenting” products may have scent covering ingredients that may be even more harmful ones than some scent ingredients.? Even some conventional tear-free shampoos may include substances that adapt the eye to irritating ingredients so that they don´t make eye tear. But the irritating ingredients may still excist. Eye just don´t know it as the natural mechanism (tearing) is fooled. Tricky, right?
No such used in Sophie la girafe Cosmetics´s products.

Q: Why should I use a separate face cream and body cream to my baby? Can´t I just buy Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion, since it´s extremely nourishing and rich?

A: The skin is different in different parts of our body. Same with babies skin. And the skin´s needs in particular areas are also different. So the formulas for face and body products are usually fairly different. Or at least they should be! The aim is to give maximum results in minimum effort with each product.
For babies we aim to aid and support baby´s skin functions and to protect the skin. To keep the skin resilient and feeling well-being.
For children´s body lotions and body oils it´s possible to add safe, but effective ingredients such as essential oils suitable for babies. Such essential oils are not recommended to be used close to the eye area - having the possibility of them getting in contact with your baby´s eye or due to the evaporating oils to irritate eyes.
Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream don´t include any ingredients that would not suit the fragile facial skin. Everything in well-thought proportions that benefit the facial skin the most. And do not irritate eyes.
Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion is an extremely rich, yet fastly absorbing lotion that includes nourishing Shea Butter. It does not include strong essential oils, so you may use the same product, if needed, also for your little one´s face.
But to be able to offer the best care and best results, with less spending, please do choose Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream for everyday usage of your baby. It offers the best support for your baby´s facial skin that is bare 24/7.

Q: I noticed you don´t have a diaper cream or zinc cream in Sophie la girafe Baby selection.
Why? What should I use then?

We believe the best care for the diaper area is to keep it as clean as possible with a really gentle cleansing, and let it dry as well as possible after the cleansing. But as humidity and warmth can cultivate germs, it´s important to protect the skin from external moisture, but not to prevent the breathing of the skin.
Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion may be enough also for the diaper area if the baby´s skin is in good condition.
Apply and gently pat the body lotion to bums, but not to skin folds or bum crack as the lotion may brew.
If the diaper area of your child gets irritated easily, try Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream for extra protection and soothing of the skin. It do not include zinc, but Titanium Dioxide. Similar mineral with protecting and soothing benefits as zinc. We just find Titanium Dioxide even better.
Tap a small amount of the cream on the bum´s skin. It´s a clever choise as diapser cream as the same cream can be used for small skin irritations to support and aid skin healing, it seem to work well, and as outdoor cream.
We do not recommend cream usage to the folds, since in the moist, non-breathable area the cream may brew.
Air bathing is recommended, so as often as possible, let you baby lie around on the floor in a cosy warm room on top of f.ex. towel for several minutes.

Q: Our winters are extremely cold, even -25C and wind.
Do you think that Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion is rich and creamy enough for our baby here?

Oh, that sure is cold! Skincare and suitable products are always individual matters, so 100% answer can not be given without seeing your baby and the skin. We belive the essence is to use extremely mild cleansers not to wash away the protective film from the skin. If you care for the skin regularly, we would say the lotion is enough.

Q: How well does the Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion work in humid and warm weather conditions?  

A: Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion is fairly rich, although it penetrates well. It has been developed to form a protective, thin layer on top of the newborn skin, to help lock the natural moisture in and to prevent moisture evaporation and extrenal aggressions. After all even the weather is humid, newborn skin´s protective film is not fully formed. A good lotion with supporting ingredients is much needed.
We recommend to apply all creams 30 minutes before heading outdoors when it´s hot and humid. None of our creams and lotions are sunscreens. We are developing one, but only to provide extra protection. Babies and little children should always avoid contact to direct sun. And if this is not possible, babies should be protected from the sun with clothing, hats, sunglasses - the sunscreen is the last, though important step.

Q: How can I clean my baby´s bum without water?

A: Don´t worry, there will be a Sophie la girafe Baby Cleansing Water and Sophie la girafe Baby Wipes in the future! We want to ensure that all the products we launch are 100% perfect,
so we develop them in steps to focus on each.
Meanwhile for occasional cleansing try our super-luxurious Sophie la girafe Baby Oil. It´s not only a baby oil for massaging and moisturizing the skin, it also works as gentle and caring cleanser for body. For face we recommend oily clensing only when ballpoint pen has been in super use. For face! Our oil is a great remover for little Renoirs.
Please take all advantage from our wonderful Sophie la girafe Baby Oil: clean the little bum, moisturize the skin, turn the bathing water into less drying one.  Massage the mom or dad, too. And most of all, use it to spend quality time with you baby. Relax him / her with gentle baby massage. Use calm, soft movements towards the heart. No special tricks for that are needed. It´s the warm idea that counts.
For upset stomach you may try the Sun & Moon -massage. It may even help for mild colic symptoms.

Q: I really like your products. Including their lovely scent. But I am now concerned if we may use the products, as my daughter (3 years) is allergic to Linalool found in several natural products and scents.

Thank you so much, happy to hear you like them. We think one can never say a product is 100% sure to suit someone. We are all individuals. But our products are generally well tolerated even by fairly sensitive babies. And Sophie la girafe Baby products do not contain any allergens.
Not even scent allergens including linalool you mentioned. Please feel free to use our products. Happy to hear your feedback!
The really mild aroma from natural substances is made without strong, non-suitable essential oils.
We do not use raw materials that are commonly known irritating the skin or triggering allergic reactions.

Q: What product is most suitable to use for baby´s hands?

A: Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream is fairly nice to moisturize hands. Add a small drop to the back of the child´s hands. Don´t forget to take care of the hands at the same time you apply Sophie la girafe Baby Oil or Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion to your little ones body.